Pork from the Vulkanlandschwein

Pork with excellent taste is the ultimate pleasure. However, we have to take quite a number of steps to make it this good. The Vulkanlandschwein is characterized by its environment and the family farms that have joined forces in their work. The name stands for regionality and appreciation of this soil. For us, this always means sustainability. A well balanced soil means - to put in more in than we take out of it. We want to communicate this through the diversity of our activities. That’s how we create a sustainable impression.


We may be omnivores, but we don’t eat everything either Why save on feed? Regional feed is predominantly used for the Vulkanlandschwein.

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Noble like wine.

The basis for the fine meat and smoked products in the local pubs (Buschenschänke) comes from the Vulkanlandschwein.

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Only the soil has been
around here longer than us.

All life begins on the ground. Values are developed over generations. And they have been around here for a long time.

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Keep the flame
burning for regionalism.

What welds them together: Glowing passion for regional quality in the barbecue season.

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Lived quality
for generations

If you really respect meat, you process the entire animal. This requires butchers who are masters of their traditional craft.

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Die Kampagne

Sustainable impression

Vulkanlandschwein is so much more than a designation of origin. It is a tradition, lived by family farmers. It is a philosophy where regionalism runs through the entire value chain, from the soil to the ham.

It is a commitment that the soil and the farmers take every effort to ensure that the appreciation of nature, pigs and people is also lived for the future. All this happens on a specific soil - the volcanic region.

The peculiarities of the landscape should be cherished just as much as the artisanship of us as their caretakers. We have to care about the little particularities as well as the big ideas. True for man and pig. This leads to a sustaining impression.

Sustainability is something you have to ask for

A farmer takes care of the land. Not just about his own, but his environment as such. We, the people of the region, have to answer a number of questions nowadays: Where does the quality level of the Styrian Volcano Pig come from? How does the skill of our modern agriculture manifest itself in it? And, above all: Why not proudly share what we can serve here?

We wanted to find the answers to these questions together, because it is necessary to cultivate these topics together: From tradition and knowledge in the region, our activities extend to agriculture, photovoltaics, beekeeping, timber production, animal farming, pork and pleasure. In the end, you realize that you are going around in circles with these topics. Nevertheless, this cycle is precisely what is so important for us. And this is why we focus on the individual topics on this page.

The volcanic land burns for its soil

Sustainability. You read about that often. It’s rare to read what it means. Our behavior has been shaped by this region. In return, we want to shape the region through what we have learned and received from it.

We want to share this knowledge and thus make our contribution to preserving the region in its diversity forever. Our enthusiasm ensures that we want to do the best for the Styrian Volcanic Region and its pigs along all points of the value chain.

Sustainability is a tradition here with us

The brand Steirisches Vulkanlandschwein

Good ideas are obvious. It takes more than 200 family farms in the heart of the Vulkanland to produce the Vulkanlandschwein. The fact that we all join forces is based on mutual respect and our self-conception.
Good ideas can come together here because they are so close to each other. For us it is all about living our quality in an authentic way and thus building it as a brand. With our commitment to origin and short distances; and since everything is so well located here, everything also remains mutually transparent.
All of this must not only be preserved, but also improved and carried forward. That is what makes our brand. That is the Vulkanlandschwein.

Keep the flame burning for regionalism.

What welds them together: Glowing passion for regional quality in the barbecue season.