We may be omnivores, but we don’t eat everything either Why save on feed?
Regional feed is predominantly used for the Vulkanlandschwein.

This means that our farmers grow the crops on their own fields. The soil offers perfect conditions for growing maize and millet.

This in turn is the perfect diet for the pigs in the volcanic region. For us, ethics come first, then grub.

In our region you can literally eat off the ground.

The Vulkanlandschwein derives its name because everything around it happens here on site. From pig breeding and feeding to the meat on the plate. Everything happens within a community and the same is true for the feedstuff for the pigs. "Anything" is a vague term and not necessarily food – that’s also valid for our pigs. Here we stick to the use of regional feed from our own fields.

As the distances from farm to table are so short, our ecological footprint is excellent. What else would we expect, given that everything happens here on site. So we can only advance in terms of quality. The fodder is absolutely honest because it is also produced on local farms, as Raphael Kaufmann knows. He has grown up here and has been watching the harvests since he was a child.

The microclimate of the region makes the soil perfect for growing maize. In addition, our farmers have grown more and more millet in recent years. The mixture of these provides the ideal main feedstuff for our pigs.

Regionales Futter aus achtsamem
Umgang mit Grund und Boden.