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It’s the origin that counts...

Family farms within a maximum distance of 40km supply the Raabtal abattoir in the heart of the Styrian volcanic region with the outstanding pigs of this county. Born and raised in Styria, fed, slaughtered and processed in the idyllic Styrian volcanic region. The high standards of the Austrian AMA quality label – guarantee of origin by contract, thus a maximum of regional quality – ensure the environmental balance and make the pigs of the Styrian volcanic region a true quality brand. Clear provenance and short distances for animal transport provide clarity and transparency. The value added remains in the region and thus secures jobs in the district.

Quality Marks

AMA – BRAND of Quality

For the quality of the pigs of the volcanic region it is understood that the shorter the transport ways the better. The standards of the Austrian AMA-quality label, guaranteed provenance and thus local production at the max ensure an outstanding environmental balance and make the pork of the Styrian volcanic region a true quality brand.

Volcanic Region Styria

The region has regained its reputation and self-confidence. As a culinary district internationally in high demand, as an area full of vitality, knitting together the people with the fiery energy of the volcanoes, as home of blooming craftsmanship – this is how the volcanic region is seen today.


Awareness is a solid foundation for trust and confidence. Awareness begins at the stables and ends at the bountiful table. At all these levels, the pigs of Styria’s volcanic region are worth the high regard and approval. Farmers and the Raabtal abattoir (Fleischhof Raabtal) have joined forces to establish these principles of outstanding quality. .