The basis for the fine meat and smoked products in the “Buschenschänke” (the local inns) comes from the pigs of the Vulkanland.

From the very first moment on this is a choice for quality. The innkeepers rely on the Vulkanlandschwein when serving their cold cuts (locally known as “Brettljausn”) in a relaxed atmosphere.

When the meat comes from the very same region where you live, you can be sure that you have found the real thing. Eating local is not just used as a commonplace term in the volcanic region.

Vulkanlandschwein puts
values on your plate.

When the innkeepers in Styria buy their meat for processing, they come to us. They can be sure to get the best regional quality. We, in turn, can be sure that they make the best of the meat by adding special flavors through their own ways of seasoning and preparation. That is what we understand as mutual appreciation.

Those who already enjoy the best wines want to know what is on their plates - noble meat with fine flavors that are not available anywhere else. The hosts know exactly how to do this. Moreover, their guests therefore know even better what is being served. For us, this means added value and we share this claim with the hosts and the gastronomic businesses in the Vulkanland.

Manfred Niederl from Buschenschank Urbi also has this sense of refinement. He knows what makes a real “Brettljausn”.

Wertschöpfung heißt genau
sagen zu können, was aufgetischt wird
und woher die Produkte sind.