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Pork from the volcanic region

„What grows and is produced around here means quality” has become the guiding principle of a unique culinary achievement in Styria’s volcanic region – one of the most pleasant districts in Austria.

Keeping things manageable and sustainability are of main concern to the producers in the volcanic region. Family farmers soon realized that high-quality breeding was a chance to secure their farms. This way also the cultural landscape in all its beauty has been preserved. The fertile volcanic soil and the particularly mild climate offer ideal conditions for an incredibly wide range of crops. The rich vegetation has provided the basis for high quality livestock farming. Where millions of years ago flaming volcanoes and tropical beaches were part of the landscape, today beautiful and gently rolling hills appear before one’s eyes.

Fertile Soil

We live in an exceptional climate zone with special conditions and have all the requirements for preserving a healthy soil with sustainable methods and high yields. It is our responsibility to provide a fertile and well-tempered microclimate in our region.

Corn is the basis

Excellent yields of corn have made Styria’s volcanic region for generations the trendsetting heartland of hog breeding. Pig farming and processing has contributed to the agricultural and economic boom in the region.

The brand Vulkanland

33 communities in the boroughs of Südoststeiermark, Fürstenfeld, Weiz and Leibnitz make up the Styrian volcanic region (=Steirisches Vulkanland) with the concept of shaping our environment in a sustainable and responsible way.